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About Us

KIDDY CARPOOL is all about servicing families in Dekalb County.                                                                         

As a single mother of two, I worked long hours and needed to be

somewhere else at the same time, always wishing I had some help.

I couldn't do it all, something was going to be left undone.

Trying to find safe and reliable Transportation you can trust, for your

children is extremely difficult. 


It's was like looking for needle in a haystack.


What were my options? A Taxi, Uber, Lyft or Marta. 


Not for my Two........ I needed peace of mind at work knowing that they


were in capable hands.


That's why we decided to put KIDDY CARPOOL in place.


We are not just any After School Transportation.  


Our safe and reliable service is family-built, and focused on the

individual needs of all families that we come in contact with.

It's a helping hand to the busy MOM'S and DAD'S  with this in mind.


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